Striking 12

Inspired, in part, by Hans Christian Andersen’s, “The Little Match Girl,” it tells the story of a grumpy, overworked New Yorker who resolves to spend New Year’s Eve alone in his apartment when an unexpected visitor brings some much-needed cheer. The evening springs to life through an eclectic score that combines pop, rock, jazz, showtunes, and more.

Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge

Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge is a musical based on the Irish classic Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge. The music was written by Peter Mills with a book by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel. The story has been transplanted from rural Ireland to 1930s Appalachia and set to a bluegrass-flavored score.



In this two-man musical spoof, a pair of aspiring playwrights perform a backers’ audition for their new project – a big, splashy musical about printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg. With an unending supply of enthusiasm, Bud and Doug sing all the songs and play all the parts in their crass historical epic, with the hope that one of the producers in attendance will give them a Broadway contract – fulfilling their ill-advised dreams.



History Boy Theatre Co. was proud to offer the Midwest premier of the new rock musical, LIZZIE By Steven Cheslik-deMeyer, Tim Maner & Alan Stevens Hewitt. “LIZZIE is a rock-show retelling of the bloody legend of America’s favorite ax-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl.”

Johnny Guitar

Johnny Guitar is a newer off-Broadway cowboy western musical based on the 1954 movie of the same name starring Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden. It is adapted line for line right from the film, then through song, movement, and acting style made to be very funny. A fresh take by History Boy involves a singing/dancing cowboy quartet and musical fantasies. The show is centered around Vienna, (played by IPTV star Kellie Kramer) a saloon owner in 1890 New Mexico. When local ranch boss Emma (Yvette Bardole) and McIvers (Darren Jackson) threaten to run her out of the territory she sends for a gunfighter from her past, Johnny Guitar (Robby Pedersen, also director). 

Ensemble includes: Michael Kennedy,Chet Hollingshead, Trisha Emery, Kevin Paulsen, Samantha Schmidt, and Morgan Bennett